Leave a Legacy

Rotary’s tomorrow depends on what we do today. You can be an important part of the Foundation’s next century of doing good in the world by including a gift to Rotary Club of Windsor Foundation Fund. Your gift will be carefully stewarded to provide earnings for the programs you know and love, year after year. The Foundation is known for its commitment to effective programs that make a lasting difference in people’s lives. A gift from your estate will provide ongoing financial support, just like your annual contributions do today. Join the many Rotarians and friends who have made a commitment to improving and enriching lives around the globe by leaving a personal legacy with Rotary Club of Windsor Foundation Fund. 

How Rotary programs benefit 

Once you have decided to support the Rotary Club of Windsor Foundation Fund, you can provide further direction on how available earnings are spent. A gift toRotary Club of Windsor Foundation Fund allows the Trustees to direct support where it is most needed around the world. This is the default for gifts that come to the Foundation undesignated. Alternatively, if you can select a particular project​, for the Foundation to direct a the funds towards. This functions like a perpetual annual fund gift. You may also support one or more of the six ​areas of focus​. 


We have identified specific causes to target to maximize our local and global impact. At the same time, we understand that each community has its own unique needs and concerns.

Through global grants and other resources, we help clubs focus their service efforts in the following areas.


Today, 65 million people are displaced by armed conflict or persecution. Through our partnerships with several leading universities, Rotary Peace Fellows develop the skills to strengthen peace efforts, train local leaders to prevent and mediate conflict, and support long-term peace building in areas affected by conflict. We provide up to 100 peace fellowships per year at Rotary Peace Centers.


More than 100 million people are pushed into poverty each year because of medical costs. We aim to improve and expand access to low-cost and free health care in underdeveloped areas. Our members educate and mobilize communities to help prevent the spread of major diseases such as polio, HIV/AIDS, and malaria. Many of our projects ensure that medical training facilities are located where the workforce lives.


More than 2.5 billion people lack access to adequate sanitation facilities. At least 3,000 children die each day from diarrheal diseases caused by unsafe water. Our projects give communities the ability to develop and maintain sustainable water and sanitation systems and support studies related to water and sanitation.


At least 7 million children under the age of five die each year due to malnutrition, poor health care, and inadequate sanitation. To help reduce this rate, we provide immunizations and antibiotics to babies, improve access to essential medical services, and support trained health care providers for mothers and their children. Our projects ensure sustainability by empowering the local community to take ownership of health care training programs.


Sixty-seven million children worldwide have no access to education and more than 775 million people over the age of 15 are illiterate. Our goal is to strengthen the capacity of communities to support basic education and literacy, reduce gender disparity in education, and increase adult literacy.

Watch how a Rotary grant helps bring tablet technology to students in Fiji


Nearly 1.4 billion employed people live on less than $1.25 a day. We carry out service projects that enhance economic and community development and develop opportunities for decent and productive work for young and old. We also help strengthen local entrepreneurs and community leaders, particularly women, in impoverished communities.


Let us recognize your generosity 

Please let Rotary know when you have completed your estate plan so we may properly thank you. Rotary is pleased to confer Benefactor status on those who commit any amount in their estate plan to the Endowment. Benefactors receive personalized certificates and a special insignia to wear with their Rotary pins. Those who commit $10,000 or more receive Bequest Society membership, which provides special Foundation updates, invitations to events, an engraved crystal, and an exclusive pin and/or pendant.