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Program for Monday, August 12th, 2019

Speaker: Brian Yeoman, Chair DBIA  - Downtown Business Improvement Association. Topic: Development and Progress in the Downtown Core

For Today's Event:

Registrar: Paul Rideout
Front Door Greeter: Ed Boycott
Back Door Greeter: Sevda Barin
Invocation: Loretta Stoyka-Henderson
Four-Way Test: Janice Forsyth

Upcoming Meetings:

  • Monday, August 19 – Speaker: Claire Sanders, Climate Change Specialist, ERCA. Topic: Climate Change
  • Monday, August 26 – Official Visit of District Governor John Chambers

Program from Monday, July 29th, 2019

Last meeting: Don Snyder carried out the Paul Harris Fellowship ceremonies as usual, and President Gord presented Karen Howard, Bill Howitt, Bev Cyr and - Don himself! - with upgraded PHF pins.

Outbounder Robert Kidd has returned from his Youth Exchange trip to Japan. He began his address to the Club by speaking in Japanese, which everyone thought was pretty impressive. Some highlights included his learning Kyūdō - the ancient art of Japanese archery and his visits to Okinawa, Enoshima Island, Kyoto and many shrines and temples. He stated that nature was his favourite part of Japan, and he loved touring Mount Fuji, calling it "an outstanding, once in a life time opportunity". His trip to Hiroshima was a very important and emotional part of his trip, and spending time at Universal Studios in Osaka was fun - but not very Japanese! He thanked the Club for giving him the opportunity to partake in the Youth Exchange experience - it was incredible.

Anna Jurak of Brain Injury Association of Windsor & Essex (and PP of Rotary Windsor-St Clair and Windsor-Roseland Rotary Club) began her talk by showing a video about the Unmasking Brain Injury project: An international movement that, through the coordination of the Ontario Brain Injury Association (OBIA), Ontario became the first province in Canada to participate. "The goal is to provide brain injury survivors the opportunity to create their own mask and tell their own story". Anna thanked our Club for our contribution; Rotary Club of Windsor (1918) funded the Windsor chapter of this project. The masks and their corresponding stories (of how they got the injury and how it affects them) can be viewed as part of an exhibit in the lobby of Hotel Dieu. For more information about this project, visit

Anna went on to explain about the brain - it's "the most important part of our bodies!" She described the free helmets program the Brain Injury Association puts on every year, important because "helmets reduce brain injuries by 88%". Brain injuries are known as a "non-visible disability", and an astounding stat was presented: More than 18,000 Ontarians will suffer a brain injury this year alone. She addressed the topic of concussions, and explained that the most important issue is that kids need to tell their teachers, councillors, parents or coaches. Often, they hit their heads but "shake it off" and keep playing, which could be very dangerous. After a concussion, it's very important to give your brain an opportunity to rest. "It's not about being tough anymore" - if the brain doesn't have time to heal, symptoms may last for months or even years.

Click here for more pictures of this meeting (courtesy of Gordon Drake)

Upcoming Events

Saturday, August 24 (Youth)
Sunday, August 25 (Adults)
Saturday, September 14th (Family)
Saturday, August 17, 2019
12:00 - 2:00pm
Southwestern Ontario Gleaners
40 Industrial Rd, Leamington, ON N8H 4W4
Friday, September 6, 2019
4:00pm - 8:00pm
Lakewood Park
13451 Riverside Dr E., Windsor, ON N8N 2M8
For tickets please contact Karen Howard at 519-817-6363 or Ron Arkell at 519-973-4052 - or on-line:
September 21-22, 2019
10:00am - 5:00pm
Central Park Athletics
3400 Grand Marais Rd E, Windsor, ON N8W 1W7
Members celebrating their birthdays this week:
  • Don Larkin
  • Fred Sorrell
Members celebrating their Club Anniversaries this week:
  • Randi Glos (33 years)
  • Robert Thompson (Club: 6 Years / Rotarian: 21 Years)
  • Cindy Duggal (6 years)
Gordon Drake has created a short clip in honour of President Jules' presidential year. Check it out at
The Young Rotary Leaders held their annual kayaking event on July 28th at Urban Surf Co.
Fun day at our Rotary Beach Bash Volleyball Tour - youth division held on Saturday, August 3rd! Everyone played their hearts out, and it was great to see the enthusiasm these kids have 🙂🏐 If you (or your kids) want to get involved and have an incredible time playing volleyball, sign up now at All proceeds go towards supporting our Club’s Foundation Fund. There is still one more youth tour happening on August 24th, an adult tour on the 25th and one geared towards families on September 14th. Huge thank-you to Collège Boréal for sponsoring the Beach Tour 💙 

Click here for more photos from the Rotary Beach Tournament held on August 3rd, 2019.

At the last meeting, Giselle Seguin from Rotary Club of Windsor-Roseland commended our Club's Centennial Plaza and wanted to share this picture of her family enjoying one of the park swings!

On behalf of Sushil Jain:

Our Club's shift is on August 16th from 12:00pm-2:00pm.
To volunteer, sign up at: or call 519-253-6382
The Salvation Army needs your help with their Soup Kitchen on Wednesday nights. For more information, please contact Susan Falodun at or call her at 226 347-1565. 

Our Youth Exchange program is open to high school students between the ages of 15.5 to 18. If you want to explore the world, experience new cultures, meet tons of new people and make life-long friends (or if you know someone who would!) learn more about the program and apply to be a Rotary Exchange Student today! Visit or call the office at 519-253-6382
Be a part of the Club's significant fundraiser. To volunteer please contact Coordinator Walter Willms at 519-966-7150 or He, or a designate, will be in attendance at every bingo.
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Battery Box Program

The Battery Recycle Box Program is active. Please drop your used batteries, light bulbs, ink cartridges and other recycle items in the battery box at the back of the room.

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