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Online Zoom Meetings Scheduled

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, in-person meetings are postponed until further notice. Instead, we have planned the following online meetings. 
How to join in: Please download the Zoom app onto the device you will use for the meeting (desktop computer, laptop, tablet, mobile). It's also a good idea to test your video and audio settings before the meeting. Zoom can be downloaded from or from your mobile app store.

Rotary Club of Windsor (1918)

Nov 09, 2020 12:30 PM
What Remembrance Day Means To Me


Meeting ID: 647 812 9843
Password: 249164

Nov 16, 2020 12:30 PM
Art Gallery of Windsor & Tribute to Gary Champ
Nov 23, 2020
Nov 30, 2020 12:30 PM
Rotary International Foundation
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Rotary Satellite Club of Windsor (1918) Evening    


Monday, November 9 - 12:300 PM
Remembrance Day Observation at 12:30 pm.
Meeting of the Rotary Club of Windsor (1918).  Satellite members

Meeting ID: 647 812 9843
Password: 249164


Tuesday, November 10 - No Meeting 
members are asked to attend the District event highlighting membership and the foundation.

Tuesday, November 17th - 7:00 PM
Mark Lennox
Brentwood and the Recipe for Success project
Tuesday, November 24th - 7:00 PM
Visioning Exercise
Happy birthday to those celebrating this week:
  • Emma Bufton
  • Jesse Thompson
  • Theresa Schuurman
  • Jim Blue
Members celebrating their Club Anniversaries this week:
  • Nurlan Turdaliev (3 years)
  • Matt Lahoud (4 years)
  • Jude Chigbo (3 years)
  • Neil McTavish (9 years)

The Unknown Soldier by Billy Rose

There's a graveyard near the White House
Where the Unknown Soldier lies,
And the flowers there are sprinkled
With the tears from mother's eyes.

I stood there not so long ago
With roses for the brave,
And suddenly I heard a voice
Speak from out the grave:

'I am the Unknown Soldier,
The spirit voice began
'And I think I have the right
To ask some questions man to man.

'Are my buddies taken care of?
Was their victory so sweet?
Is that big reward you offered
Selling pencils on the street?

'Did they really win the freedom
They battled to achieve?
Do you still respect that Croix de Guerre
Above that empty sleeve?
'Does a gold star in the window
Now mean anything at all?
I wonder how my old girl feels
When she hears a bugle call.

'And that baby who sang
Hello, Central, give me no man’s land
Can they replace her daddy
With a military band?

'I wonder if the profiteers
Have satisfied their greed?
I wonder if a soldier's mother
Ever is in need?

'I wonder if the kings, who planned it all
Are really satisfied?
They played their game of checkers
And eleven million died.

'I am the Unknown Soldier
And maybe I died in vain,
But if I were alive and my country called,
I'd do it all over again.
-Emily Moralez

Paint night for Polio Thursday, Nov 19th, 7:00 PM! 

Spots are limited so register early!

Register here for $25.00

Salvation Army Chrismas Kettle

Have you responded to the memorandum Jodi put out this week? 
If you are able, please support The Christmas Kettle Campaign

Congratulations to Lisa Kolody

for earning a Peace Chain Award!



Please nominate someone for the peace award by contacting

PE Cindy Duggal


PN Greg


via the link.

Past Speakers
Zoom Meeting, Nov 2, 2020
Monday, Nov 2nd, welcomed guest speaker Lisa Kolody, Executive Director of the Windsor-Essex Community Foundation (WECF).
Satellite Zoom Meeting, Nov 3, 2020
The week of Nov 3rd was Treaty Reconciliation Week, the Satellite Club welcomed Suzanne Grouette speak on Truth and Reconciliation and Rotary. 


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