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Weekly Meetings

Select meetings are now hybrid. Please check below or on the website to see where your meeting will be held and access your Zoom link (if available).

If your meeting is being held on Zoom: Please download the Zoom app onto the device you will use for the meeting (desktop computer, laptop, tablet, mobile). It's also a good idea to test your video and audio settings before the meeting. Zoom can be downloaded from or from your mobile app store.

Upcoming Meetings:

Feb 05, 2024 12:00 PM
Caboto Club
Zoom: Please use the zoom link below to join our hybrid Monday meetings.  Visit the website home page for meeting times.
Feb 12, 2024 12:00 PM
Caboto Club
Feb 19, 2024
Feb 26, 2024
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Happy birthday to those celebrating this February (Find the dates on the Rotary homepage here)
  • Lex McCrindle
  • Nurlan Turdaliev
  • Gary Wintermute
  • Allison Prieur
  • Julia Lee
  • Ron Arkell
  • Neil Bear
  • Nick Bibic
Members celebrating their Club Anniversaries this February:
  • Neil Bear (29 years)
  • Connie Martin (33 years)
  • Tom Holmes (31 years)
  • Ryan Mancini (10 years)
  • Godfrey Bacheyie (33 years)


Help us celebrate the official launch of the new Water Walker Beer Friday, Feb 2nd from 5-8pm at Walkerville Brewery! 

A dedicated table will be set up by the entrance to welcome guests, answer any questions about the project, and perhaps seek donations.
We look forward to sharing this special occasion with you! 🍻

APPLY NOW: A Vocational Training Team to Support Mothers and Babies Survive Educational Training inTanzania
September 2024

Rotary District 6400 is offering the exciting opportunity to join a Vocational Training Team to Rotary District 9211 (Tanzania) in September 2024. The VTT program, supported by the Rotary International Foundation, covers the cost of travel and room and board. Participants will have a life-changing experience, giving new perspectives on education, enhanced cross-cultural understanding, and personal growth.

The VTT will be led by Andrea Cassidy, a Rotarian with expertise in Maternal Newborn Health. The remaining three team members will be specialists in maternal newborn health and in teaching lifesaving skills. All must have a minimum of three years of work experience in maternal and newborn health.
The purpose of the VTT is to bring the Helping Mothers and Babies Survive Program ( to Traditional Birth Attendants (TBA) and healthcare providers in Tanzania.

Prior to departure, the VTT will be required to participate in all orientation sessions, including a three-day training in Helping Mothers and Babies Survive, as well to complete necessary travel requirements. During the trip, team members must accept the decisions of the Rotarian Team Leader, travel with the team on the schedules established, maintain standards of behaviour that will reflect positively on Rotary, and share expertise and skills with host country participants. The team members will also be asked to aid in fundraising for needed equipment. After the trip, the VTT must prepare and submit final reports and speak about the experience to Rotary Clubs and other groups.
If you are interested in being part of this VTT please email your resume and a cover letter to Michelle White ( In your cover letter, please explain why your training and experience would be an asset to the VTT.
Application Deadline February, 27, 2024.
Interviews for the Team Members: March 6, 2024.

Grant Management Seminars for 2024 will be held March 20th and 25th,  @ 7pm

We are looking for at least one member to attend the Grant Management Seminar on March 20 or 25 so that we will be eligible to continue to receive grant money for our projects!

Please let the office know if you are interested in participating.

March 20th,   Register here

March 25th,  Register here


The Requirements for Club Qualification for Grants :

  1. One club member must have completed this Grant Management Seminar
  2. Officers of the Club must sign both the Memorandum of Understanding and the District Addendum; and send the signature page to the District Stewardship Chair  Margaret Williamson
  3. To access District Designated Funds (DDF), Clubs must have given at least $100 per capita in 2022-2023 to the Annual Program Fund.

If you participated in the Grant Management Seminar, please inform your club president or the person designated to be responsible for grant qualifications.  The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to be completed for club grant qualification is available at this link:



DisCon is getting closer!
Now is the time to register for this exciting and inspirational weekend.  



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