The first Rotary event at the Rotary Club of Windsor (1918) Centennial Plaza since it's unveiling was held yesterday afternoon, when Ralph Zuke, President of the Rotary Club of Fairview Heights, Illinois, rode in on his rickshaw, along with Past Rotary International Vice-President Jennifer Jones (member of Windsor Roseland) and Past District 6400 Governor Elizabeth Smith-Yeats (member of Rotary Club of Detroit). He's been riding since June 1st, with the goal of finishing on June 22nd, just in time for the Rotary International Convention in Toronto. Ralph is doing this ride to raise awareness and money for Polio Plus.

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Ralph Zuke has been riding his bike for about 450 miles so far, with around 250 to go. When asked what his inspiration for doing this was, Zuke replied:
"When I became president of my Club , I realized that at that time, about this time last year, there were about 6 cases of polio. 6 years earlier, when I was the president, it was still in the hundreds, and I was shocked at how close we are. But [...] we say 6 and we think that's great, but that's six kids who are permanently affected by Polio, a disease we can take care of. We need to finish the job, we need to make it so that our kids will never have to worry about this again."
Video taken by Elizabeth Smith Yeats.
Zuke has been accompanied by his sag support Kevin King since he started in Illinois.