Last of our Club's Centennial Speaker Series: Rotary International General Secretary John Hewko on the importance of disease prevention. Meeting also focused on Rotary youth. Click "Read More" for a recap, including a video clip and pictures of the event.
Monday evening, General Secretary John Hewko, the 6th and final speaker in the Centennial Speaker Series, gave a truly inspirational talk about Rotary's role in helping to prevent and treat diseases around the globe. Over 140 people came to hear Mr. Hewko explain how investing in global health helps to reduce poverty, which is why Rotary International focuses on disease prevention and treatment worldwide. Much of the talk focused on the status of the #endpolionow campaign, and Hewko stated that we’ve eradicated type 2 and have not had a case of type 3 since 2012. “There’s a very good chance that we’ll be able to certify the type 3 virus as having been eradicated in 2019.” Type 1 is “the most virulent” of the 3, and Rotary will continue to play a big role in ensuring that there is enough funding available to be able to reach our goal of finally eradicating this disease for good.
Rotary youth was also a central theme of the evening, and we were proud to have Interactors from our Club as well as Lasalle Centennial, Young Rotary Leaders, Rotaract representatives and Youth Exchange Students. Michelle Morency spoke about the projects our Club’s Young Rotary Leaders have been a part of, and Allison Prieur talked about the recent “Pitch It or Pitch In” event, with the winning Pitch awarded to Julia Lee, who gave a quick summary about her idea; turning plastic bags into mats for the homeless. We also learned about the fascinating Kentucky Coffeetree, which is extremely rare in Canada but can be found in the Canard Valley Conservation Area, in Amherstburg, from YRL Emma Bufton.
It was also announced that our Club was awarded a plaque "recognizing the lifelong partnership created with the establishment of the Rotary Club of Windsor (1918) Centennial Scholarship Fund" by WindsorEssex Community Foundation on November 26th.

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Clip from Centennial Speaker Series #6: Rotary International General Secretary John Hewko on eradicating polio: