Posted on Apr 08, 2019
Dr. Roman Maev and John Wladarski introduced the Club to ONTech Rapid Coatings inc.



ONTech Rapid Coatings was launched in 2018 through an ENWIN Energy and Tessonics Inc. partnership that has "developed cutting edge corrosion control and coating solutions for cost-saving opportunities for the utility, automotive and aeronautics aerospace sectors (and others) across North America". Dr. Maev explained the technology behind the solutions used by ONtech: The product uses Dual-Flow Cold Spray (DFCS) technology, that "can be employed across various industry assets to stop the spread of corrosion damage and to protect corrosion-prone equipment components". Some interesting applications discussed included car body dent repair, leakage repair in the Oil and Gas industry and even cultural heritage object restoration: The Four Horses of Helios, Piccadilly Square, London, UK and The Statue of General Gordon, Chatham, UK were restored using OnTech technologies (Dr. Maev explained how he met Her Majesty the Queen after restoring the General Gordon statue!). Some features that make OnTech unique include it's portability, speed, lower cost than thermal spraying process and the fact that it's suitable for use by semi-skilled operators.

John Wladarski, Vice President, Shared Services & C.O.O., ENWIN Utilities Ltd. and President of ONTech Rapid Coatings Inc, explained the unique capabilities of ONTech in terms of utilities applications. Mr. Wladarski took the audience through some case studies of how the product has helped in efficiency when repairs were needed on items such as transformer enclosures, substation transformers and as corrosion protection of welded metal sheet joints on the Hanna Water Tower here in Windsor.