Welcome new member Loretta Stoyka-Henderson, "This is my Life" by Sydney Thompson and District Governor Nominee Dr. Noel Jackson, aka "Captain Rotary"!

Last Monday’s meeting our Club welcomed Dr. Noel Jackson (District Governor Nominee), aka "Captain Rotary", who shared his experiences and involvement in Rotary. He explained the “Ripple Effect” in terms of doing something to help someone, which has consequences that “ripple” and expand, indirectly helping even more and more people. He took us through how he became a Rotarian, and some of the initiatives he’s been involved in, including NID in India, helping establish Skydiving for Polio (district 6400) and Children of the Dump and Dental Disease Prevention Initiative in Betania, Nicaragua. He also spoke about his involvement in the latest Tanzania Rotary Club of Windsor (1918) project – Legacy for Learning Centre. He showed a heartfelt video of a Tanzanian student who wrote and performed a song about changing the world. Dr. Jackson also spoke about his involvement with Launch Detroit (https://launchdetroit.org) and brought as a guest Levi Johnson, who was helped by a micro-loan from the program for his barbeque sauce; Mr. Levi’s My-T-Fine Soul Sauce. For more information (and how to contact him), visit https://launchdetroit.org/meet-the-entrepreneurs/levi-johnson-jr/.

Sydney Thompson, a young Rotarian and member of our Club, spoke a bit about herself as part of the “This is My Life” series. She explained her interest in helping others started when she went on a student-run organized trip and helped teach High School students in a small town in South Africa. It was an eye-opening experience for her, and when she attended our Club’s Centennial Kick-Off Luncheon last January, decided she wanted to join Rotary and continue on her journey of “Service Above Self”. 

We also introduced Loretta Stoyka-Henderson, sponsored by Janice Forsyth and Don Larkin, as the newest member of our Club. Warmest welcome!

Click here for more pictures from this meeting (courtesy of Gordon Drake).