Monday, President Gord Faas presented his year in review and we commemorated his presidency. Sara Alves, a recent Rotary exchange student shared her experience on exchange for the 2019-2020 academic year! 

Gordon Faas commemorated his presidency with the group a little differently this year - using Zoom, Gord shared some the most memorable moments from 2019-2020.  

It does not seem that long ago when I stood in front of you last July 8,
2019 for my Presidential Induction along with members of the Club
Board. What a difference almost a year makes! Last July 8 that I gave my
Induction speech from the podium at Caboto, and here today I am at
my computer doing an End of Term via Zoom. What a difference a year

Gord reflected on the partnerships that helped Rotary Windsor 1918 pursue various projects like tree planting in Rotary Forests, to purchase books for a Junior High School in Ghana. He also talked about past meetings, Rotary Exchange Students Sara and Jan, and other fundraising events throughout the year!

Gord has shared a very successful year with Rotary. However, a bit different than previous years, he proved just how innovative Rotarians are by quickly adapting to today's circumstances and moving club meetings online. 
This year, he grants some of his success to the support of past presidents, including Peter Hrastovec, Don Marsh, Shari Cunningham and Lex McCrindle. They were always available to provide help and guidance as well as his wife Laura! 

We are as individuals connected to our Club even though it may be virtually for now. Someday, once again, we will meet in person and enjoy fellowship plus working on Club projects and Fundraisers. It has been my honour to serve as your Club President of Windsor(1918) for the past year.

Cheers to President Gord Faas and the end of a great term!

Sara Alves, a Rotary exchange student from Brazil, shared about her experience here in Canada. She experienced many firsts while living with her two host families, including the changing fall leaves, attending her first football game, trick-or-treating, and attending Prom this year! Sara became good friends with Rotary Exchange student Jan from Germany during her time here. Unfortunately, COVID meant that she had to cut her exchange a bit short, but it seems like Sara made the most of her time here and will have many great memories to look back on for years to come!

Thank you, Sara, you will be remembered as well-spoken, kind and very organized. You impressed President Gord and Rotary with your warm demeanour and your eagerness to create connections with your personal business cards!
Here's a look back on Sara's year