Feeling the Rotary fellowship despite not being able to meet in person! It was great to hear from District 6400 Dean of Assistant Governors Paula Talbot about "Steps to a More Positive Life", a welcome topic during this time of crisis.
Paula shared her experiences about her personal struggle with depression. When she was at her lowest, she was inspired by a wall hanging that had the word BELIEVE. The word resonated with her, so much so that she created a motivational program around it. Check out some of her key points – you may feel inspired yourself!
B: BE in the now and “find joy in the moment.”
E: ERASE past regrets and negativity. “Looking back only gives you a sore neck!”
L: LAUGH daily. During this pandemic, in days where you may be staying home, Paula recommends watching funny movies, or try searching up “laugh yoga” videos on YouTube!
I: INSPIRATION Daily. This can be in the form of affirmations, or just write yourself some gratitude cards. You’ll be able to reference these when you’re feeling low.
E: EMBRACE you the way you are. “Don’t compare yourself to others. Comparing only brings anxiety and negative feelings, and comparing makes you lose sight of our uniqueness and qualities that only we have.”
V: Be a VICTOR, not a Victim. “We are not what happens to us, we are what we make of us.”
E: Get EAGER about tomorrow. Remind yourself: One day at a time.
Paula finished off by inviting everyone to “believe everyday. Believe in you”.
President Gord announced that our Rotary District released funding to help fight COVID-19. Area 10 (Windsor Area Clubs) received $1,000 USD. It was decided by the 6 Club Presidents that we would distribute 50% of the funds to the Windsor Regional Hospital (Staff Supportive Fund) and 50% to the Unemployed Help Center (specifically to the Food Bank).