Monday, Dr. Beverly Jacobs, Senior Advisor for Indigenous Relations at the University of Windsor  gave an excellent presentation titled "Truth about Reconciliation in Canada".

Dr. Jacobs recommended that every read Truth and Reconciliation 94 calls to Action. She explained that everyone in Canada has a responsibility. Systems have been created to benefit those who have landed here. The colonial systems have benefited from colonization and Indigenous people have suffered because of it. She explained the way of life before colonization and what happened after which introduced government control and unilateral power. Dr. Jacobs explained how the goal of the government was to try and erase them as people. 
She encouraged to make an effort to understand the history of indigenous people and explore how we can create respectful relationships, dismantle centuries-old political and bureaucratic culture. The most important part is learning the truth.
She left us with 3 questions about our understanding of indigenous people, their trauma and our own historical trauma.