Monday, June 14th, we welcomed our member Bill Howitt to speak about his custom electric car!

He started working in his father's garage when he was 13 – sweeping, getting parts. His father believed that in the future cars we're going to need batteries!
Bill started building his own car before he had a license and, over the years, has owned more than 200 cars!

Bill says that the best thing about building cars in Windsor is the "Tremendous number of men and women in the city with a wealth of talent for just about anything automotive that you can think of."
You can get coffee with them on Saturday morning or in their garage.

Bill shared photos of the Howitt Bugatti electric. To build it, he collaborated with various members of the community to bring the car to life. He is very proud of the car's headlights that were custom-made for this vehicle. For the car colour, Bill chose a black vinyl finished instead of paint. It allows him the flexibility to change the car's colour more easily!

How far the car will go depends on the number of passengers and the terrain, but he explained that it could go about 70 miles before it needs a recharge. (The recharge only costs $19)
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