Monday, we welcomed Craig Pearson, the Managing Editor of the Windsor Star.

He spoke to us about the effects of Covid and how that has affected reporting the news.
What is different about news coverage in 2020-2021 is that writing stories often became obsolete within 2 hours because of how fast things were moving and developments with the pandemic.
In all his years in the industry, Craig said he has never seen one topic dominate the news as COVID has. A year and a bit of one breaking news story.
What became most important for the group was making sure that there was documentation of what was going on behind the scenes, for instance, in the hospitals. They collaborated with local hospitals to get exclusive access for their photojournalists to photograph covid floors and field hospitals.
Craig shared many photos with the group that they captured since the beginning of the pandemic back on March 17th, 2020. They also profiled Dr. Wajid Ahmed, who spoke a lot about his personal struggles and how the pandemic has been difficult on his family.
The group enjoyed the images that accompanied Craig's presentation.