In honour of what would have been March break, we took a virtual vacation with our members during our Monday meeting by listening to past stories of their favourite vacations!

Sydney Thompson presented her two-week trip to Italy and Greece with her partner Mike. Travelling to Venice, trained to Florence, walked along iconic bridges, enjoyed all of the gelatos that Italy had to offer.  In Florence, they visited the Cathedral and the famous statue of David.

One of her favourite memories was enjoying a bottle of wine watching the sunset over the city in Rome. Sydney described Santorini as the #1 place that she would travel to again.
Dr. Rajan shared his trip to Australia. His #1 travel is to organize the trip yourself to save a lot of money. He climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, took the train to visit the tropical forest and view wildlife. He highly recommends travelling to Cains, Melbourne and Sydney.

Nel’s shared his favourite vacation to Isreal in 2016. He shared so many photos with the group about all of the sites that he saw!

Tom shared his favourite vacation in British Columbia with his family! They spent a few days in the mountains and went Heli-skiing (Helicopter skiing)!
Marcela shared a beautiful video created by her son of her family trip to Quebec!
Photo by: Sydney Thompson (Rotarian)