This past Monday we celebrated World Water Day and the second day of Spring with a discussion led by Dr. Saad Jasim.

Dr. Saad Jasim, President of SJ Environmental Consultants spoke to our Rotary group on Monday about the important role that water plays in our lives. The United Nations started celebrating World Water day back in 1993, every year it has held a different theme and this year is “What does water mean to you?”
What we learned is that question means different things for households, agriculture, developments, religion, etc. but what we have in common is that we all need it. The valuation of water is an important conversation to have as the UN tries to bring understanding against the threat of water with growing populations, increasing demand and global warming.
Dr. Jasim explained that 20% of the world's freshwater comes from our great lakes! They’re among the most valuable resources in the world. However, thousands of pounds of sewage, farm discharge including antibiotics end up in our Great Lakes every year.
Dr. Jasim concluded by advising what we can do to help protect our water supply and how to support our Great Lakes. We were challenged with the question “What does water mean to you?”
Great discussion took place in the Q&A about improving water accessibility globally and here for our first nations!