Today we welcomed Nicholas Jakowiek, from Noah's House, a community partner that supports the mental health of youth 11-25. 
Nicholas explained that Noah's house is safe space for all youth, regardless of diagnosis (or without diagnoses) to see peer support, counselling and a safe space to have fun with friends. They're one of the few resources locally to provide both long term and short term counselling at no cost to the youth or their family. They offer a variety of programs to engage young people including Art night (their most popular program),  Brocode (where boys get together to talk and participate in different activities), Girls night in (where they explore topics of self-love, boundaries, and so much more to inspire them to find their self worth and discover their passions), Lessons For The Soul, Game Night and Movie Night. 
What makes Noah's House different is that it focuses on mental health whereas other youth programs focus on homelessness and addictions. It was important for them to make a space in the community for youth who didn't fall into the traditional categories to be able to seek help. 
The biggest takeaway that Nicholas wanted to share with the group is that their services "do not require a diagnosis to access any of our programs or services, it's really for all youth."