Heather Grondin from Windsor Detroit Bridge Authority joined us Monday for an update about the new bridge! Heather explained that the new bridge is important to meet transportation goals, to prepare for future capacity, and to improve border processing.
The Gordie Howe International Bridge will be the largest Canadian port of entry and one of the largest on the American side.
Oct 5th marked the 3rd anniversary since the official construction started and when Trudeau came to visit in 2018.  They have about 3 years of construction left and the expected completion date is 2024. They’re ramping up for the busiest part of the construction, where 70% of the construction will be complete.
Heather explains how they have been fortunate to continue working on the project through the pandemic and have kept their workforce employed.
An important part of this project has been including the community on both sides of the border in the planning process. Through multiple phases, they have determined what’s important via focus groups, public meetings, direct correspondence, social media, tours, stakeholder meetings, online engagement.
Phase 2 in the fall of 2018 added more community partners like Bridging North America to the team and analyze more than 230 ideas and concepts submitted to get feedback.
It was important to hear as many voices as possible.
They have since held over 70+ meetings on both sides of the border, met with over 1000+ stakeholders and more than 400 surveys received.
One big area of concern for residents on the Canadian side was recognition of environmental areas and trail connections which Heather explained that these factors have been considered in the construction of the new bridge and tree planting has already started on Oct 9th by volunteers. Trees were also given to homeowners.
2 main goals of the project include:
Workforce development and participation strategy:
The Neighborhood Infrastructure Strategy
We’re excited to the see completion of the longest cable bridge in North America and we look forward to enjoying this bridge by foot, bicycle and by car.