We would like to thank our Rotary partners in India for joining us this week as our guest speakers.

Parimal Naik, Kautik Desai and Ashvin Patel from Rotary Club Gandevi shared how the collaboration with Don Marsh, Dr. Rajan and Janet Kelly from the Rotary Club of Windsor 1918 will have a significant impact on the lives of children in India who have lost parents and grandparents to the pandemic.
The Children in India Crisis project action plan includes a nutrition program, educational support, and ongoing counselling for 80 children.
The goal for this project is to raise $25,200 CAD and we are so close thanks to the generosity of our donors! If you would like to support this cause, donations can be made by cheque, e-transfer, PayPal or by credit card.
To donate via Paypal please visit here. For all other donation options please send us a message for more information.
On behalf of both Rotary Clubs, we are so grateful for your support.