This week we welcomed Windsor Police Chief, Pamela Mizuno, to share the experience of law enforcement during Covid.
At the beginning of the pandemic, a lot of focus was placed on keeping up with the changing restrictions and health updates. When everything started to close down they immediately started a screening program and closed the office to the public and implemented measures to control the foot traffic.
They require officers to bring laptops home in case they got sick they would be able to continue working from home until they could return to work.
Some of the challenges that they experienced during Covid was:
Communicating with Mask and goggles
Maintaining distance during traffic stops
They also implemented screening procedures for service calls via dispatch.
Currently, they are working to implement a vaccination policy for service members by early October however they need to consider the operational impact and legal implications.
They have also started to implement various new programs with the support of their community partners to better serve the public.