A special announcement was made at the last Rotary meeting: Helga Reidel, CEO of ENWIN Utilities Ltd. spoke about ENWIN’s contribution to the Rotary Club of Windsor (1918) Centennial Plaza: A unique geodesic light sculpture created by artist/sculptor Nicolas de Cosson and powered by ENWIN.
This 7-foot-tall feature will display a show of light, and will make the plaza particularly spectacular at night. Ms. Reidel stated:
“One of our greatest and most exciting partnerships is underway right now – a special project to light the heart of our city - and will honour the 130th anniversary of electricity in Windsor, just as it honours our relationships with the Rotary Club of Windsor (1918) and the City of Windsor".
A video of the light feature was shown:
We’re thankful for this impressive contribution from ENWIN and are looking forward to the Grand Opening of the Rotary Club of Windsor (1918) Plaza on May 12th.
Next up, Shari Cunningham summarized the major in-club donations that have been made thus far in recognition of our Centennial year:
  • Carl Cohen on behalf of The Charles and Ethel Cohen Family Foundation: $25,000
  • The Farrow Group: $25,000
  • Don and Cathy Larkin on behalf of the Larkin RYLA Awards: $20,000
  • The Peace Foundation: $10,000
  • The Benefits Company: $5,000
We’ve also had community support through donations towards the Plaza and the Gala, and a full list will be provided at a later date. Shari also explained that donations made to our Foundation can be paid as a lump sum or can be structured over time, and she encouraged those who have the means to make a donation to consider these options.
President Elect Jules Hawkins then presented a banner her received from the President Elect Training Conference he attended in Kalamazoo, MI with next year’s Rotary International President Barry Rassin’s theme “Be the Inspiration”.
Lastly, Cathy Schmidt, Volunteer Coordinator at Canadian Blood Services, gave an inspirational talk about giving blood. She explained that the blood banks don’t have enough blood, and urged everyone to done. As the slogan says, “It’s in You to Give”. For details and to find a clinic near you, visit https://blood.ca/en