Vatika Trikhas shared her "This is my Life" story and Peter Hrastovec spoke on behalf of Rotary Foundation.

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Currently the youngest Rotary Club of Windsor (1918) member, Vatika Trikhas shared her life experiences including her passions, school and work experiences and aspirations as a Rotarian. Fun tidbits we now know about her: She loves winter, she’s very creative, she brews her own kombucha and she has a Parrot named Peka-Boo and a Maltese pup named Max (who, by the way, has an instagram account - follow him @maxmaltesepup)! She joined Rotary because she was looking to volunteer in an organization where she could have an impact. Both her mother and grandfather had been Rotarians, and when her mother suggested she look into Rotary, she attended Club meetings, participated in Young Rotary Leader events and knew she wanted to join! It was a pleasure hearing all about Vatika, and we’re so happy to have her as a member of our Club.
Peter Hrastovec showed an awe-inspiring video (see below) illustrating the important work of the Rotary Foundation. In Peter’s words, “It's about raising dollars, raising awareness and being mindful that we can all make a difference”. RI helps by preventing diseases such as polio, providing clean water, supporting education, growing local economies, saving mothers and children and promoting peace. Peter ended his speech to a standing ovation when he concluded:
Every Monday when we gather as colleagues and fellow Rotarians, we raise a glass of this---fresh water—and we toast the greatest service organization in the world.
We do this easily and readily because we can. We don't walk a mile or two from town to acquire our water. It isn't contaminated. And to make it easier, someone else has drawn it for us—science and technology— by allowing us to turn on a tap.
When we raise a glass, let's think of those who can't. Let's think of ways that someday they can raise a glass.
Let's raise a glass, raise awareness and raise the funds so that we can raise and sustain humanity in dignity and in perpetuity.
If you’d like to make a donation to Rotary International’s Foundation Fund, click here and select “Annual Fund” from the dropdown menu, or call 519-253-6382.
Thank you in advance for your continuing support.