PHF Ceremony, Cindy Duggal on her vocation and President's Day: An Annual Tradition.
Don Snyder and newly appointed Paul Harris Fellowship Chair Renee Pare together led the PHF ceremony, beginning with honouring Patti France, noted as a "visionary who gives back to the community". Kay Douglas and Romeo Girardi were presented with their 5-sapphire pins and Nick Bibic with his Ruby pin. Bev Cyr wanted to honour her son-in-law Carl Mitroff as a PHF, although he wasn't able to be present at the meeting.
As January is Vocational Service Month, Cindy Duggal spoke briefly about her vocation. She sold her Financial Services Company and is working on her second career in commercial appraisals and real estate. 
As is the tradition, the immediate Past President leads the Past President's Day ceremonies. PP Jules explained the question posed to the Past Presidents this year asked them to describe their Proudest Rotary Moment.
Jules Hawkins: Was proud of the kind way Rotarians acted towards eachother during important discussions throughout his presidency. Although people may have disagreed with one another, the principles of the 4-way test were always adhered to. "The world would be a better place if people acted like Rotarians!"

Colleen Mitchell: Felt extreme pride at the Centennial Gala while hearing about the incredible things our Club has done throughout its century of Service above Self and sharing this evening with the community.

Mike Drake: Was proud to have started the Young Rotary Leaders committee during his presidential year, getting young members involved.

Janet Kelly: The opening of the Rotary Club of Windsor (1918) Centennial Plaza was her proudest moment as a Rotarian. "It's a lasting legacy. My only regret was that you won't see my hand print in the cement!"

Ron Arkell: Proudest moment was in 2014, walking into the Maternal and Child Healthcare building that was built in Ghana and seeing all 14 incubators that were shipped from Windsor were in use.

Rick Caron: (Jules spoke on his behalf). When Rick was District Governor, we managed to convinced all 12 Windsor-Essex Rotary Clubs in D6400 to help create the Rotary Legacy Forest of 50,000 trees over 70 acres. Last year, on the 4th of May, we started the planting of trees. His pun for the day: May the 4th of Rotary be with you! This year, please save the date, as we'll be planting more trees on May 2nd, 2020.  

Romeo Girardi: Was proud to have presented instalment checks to John McGivney and Maryvale during his presidential year, and also to have attracted the most new members in district that year. He was honoured to have been the Chair of our Foundation for over 10 years.

Shari Cunningham: During her presidency, Art in the Park was having problems and revenues were on a decline, and there was no Chair. Shari was proud to have served as Chair of Art in the Park that year (along with also being President!) and for the next 3 years. Because of the revised strategic plan, numbers and revenue went up.

Maureen Lucas: Was happy to have met the young lady whose education she has supported in Tanzania. While there, Maureen was proud to learn of the importance of our Club's support. The children we help get to go to a clean school, have access to water and have a place to lay their head.

Peter Hrastovec (Jules spoke on his behalf): is proudest "anytime I see a child smile, or any moment our club has made a difference. No matter what the score - we all win". 

Bev Cyr: While she was president, we got to celebrate 100 years of Rotary International. Bev was proud that our Club hosted over 400 people to celebrate from all over the district. 

Connie Martin: (Jules spoke on her behalf): Is most proud to have brought a crisis service into our community and thanks Rotary for enabling this 24/365 program now in existence.  

Don Snyder: Felt extreme pride when we celebrated in the Easter Seals parade, and "flags were flying!" 

Bill McRae: Was proud to have been President during the 75th Anniversary of our Club. 

Lex McCrindle: At the 1981 Rotary International Convention, Will Wilkinson, who later became President of Rotary International, urged us to get involved with the eradication of polio. Lex was part of a group who met for 2.5 hours to discuss. Lex was proud that our Club was the first Club in the world to send a six figure donation. That year, another source of pride was winning the Hedke Award for best Club in the District.

Walter Willms (Lex spoke on his behalf): Walter's proud moment involved the Hart Walker, and a heartwarming video was shown of a young boy using a Hart Walker for the first time. Lex explained that this was an assistive device that allowed some children with disabilities to be mobile, and that our Club had these walkers built and distributed with the help of local mould makers, who built 150 of these at no cost.