Fun was had by all who were in attendance for PP Colleen's President Night's Bash, held at Wolfhead Distillery on the evening of Thursday, July 12th.
The ambiance was just right as guests started walking in. Acoustic guitar and soothing vocals of Christian Vegh filled the air and film posters decorated the room as Rotary friends and family gathered together to honour Past President Colleen's year as 2017-18 president of Rotary Club of Windsor (1918).
The theme was "RIFF - Rotary International Film Festival Awards Night" - fitting for Colleen, who is an avid film goer and a true movie buff. The remarkable and extremely witty Jim Adkin MC'd the evening, and the crowd went wild when Mike Drake (aka PP Colleen Mitchell, garbed in a large hawaiian-print dress and bright red wig) accepted ALL 6 awards she was nominated for. For the last award, PP Lou Valente was called up to accept his award, but was "surprised" to find the award was actually meant for Colleen - yet again.
PP Colleen announced the two charities to be the recipients of the honourary $2,000: The Salvation Army and The United Way. Her heartfelt speech referenced her father, who had been very involved in the United Way throughout his life.

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