Fun 1st Rotary Satellite Club of Windsor (1918) Evening Zoom meeting held this past Tuesday. District Governor Elect Noel Jackson spoke about an exciting project he's called "Peace Chain", which he'll be launching during his upcoming 20-21 term.
The meeting began with a check-in as Rotarians each took a moment to briefly state how the current pandemic has impacted their lives. It's a difficult time, but everyone was happy to be able to connect through this online Club meeting.
DGE Noel Jackson thanked PDG Rick, who he calls his "side Rick", for helping him train for his upcoming role as District Governor. He spoke about Rotary's motto: Rotary Joins Leaders, Exchanges Ideas and Takes Action. He focused specifically on the question of how we actually "join leaders." How do we identify who they are? The Peace Chain initiative is a way for Rotarians to find and honour these "links" in our communities and introduce them to the incredible work of Rotary. 
It's an exciting project, and we can't wait to get to know more people in our communities through this initiative!