This week, fellow Rotarian, Lori Anne Jones, President and CEO of Shift Strategies Change Consulting presented to the Rotary Clubs of Windsor (1918) and LaSalle Centennial, about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Rotary.
Lori introduced the group to the principles of a brave space which includes being present, being open ways to new ways of thinking, listening deeply and curiously, creating a space of trust and confidence. These are the ideas that will help to transform the diversity, equity and inclusion in Rotary. She explained that it's up to all of us to create an environment of inclusion where people actually feel like they belong and that fosters a sense of inclusion.
She challenged the group to create targeted strategies to attract diverse groups like
Young professional
Different ethnic groups
Non-traditional professionals
Overall, Lori's presentation was very informative and really sparked a great deal of conversation for those in attendance about other ways that we can make Rotary more inviting and attractive to diverse groups.