Dr. Chris Houser, Dean of Science at the University of Windsor gave an informative presentation on the reasons why the university has become the “Science Destination University”. 
With a ratio of 1 faculty member for 17 students and the many innovative programs offered, it now has the fastest-growing science enrollment in the province (2,600 undergrads and 870 graduate students).  Dr. Houser emphasized that a smaller university can offer more experiences in both the lab and in the field.  His enthusiasm for these programs had many of us wishing we could go back to university.
Tonight, we welcomed new member, Dr. Kira Tatlay who shared a bit of her “this is my life” with us.  After discovering that an order for protective masks would take over 2 months to arrive at her office, Dr. Tatlay proceeded to sew cloth masks and distribute them as required.  She was responsible for producing 2,500 which led to her to look into ways in which she could continue to serve the community.  Her research brought her to Rotary.
The PAYS presentation was given by Dr. Hash Patel.  Dr. Patel was born is Uganda and was encouraged by his mother to find a profession that would allow him to be help the poor and the sick.   He attended medical school in India and practiced in Saskatchewan before coming to Windsor.