Tuesday, we prepared to welcome District Govenor, Dr. Noel Jackson for his annual visit and during our Tuesday meeting the Satellite club adopted a service project!

Members were welcomed by Satellite Chair, Rick Caron who also introduced Dr. Hash Patel, a potential new member. The Satellite currently has 28 members.  Rick advised that the average membership in District 6400 clubs is 30.  Pierre Boulos provided a Rotary Minute and shared that September is Literacy Month and that throughout the world, there are over 775 million people over the age of 15 who are illiterate.  This represents 17% of the world’s population.  Rick shared that Rotary is the largest provider of scholarships.
During DG Noel Jackson's visit next week, the club will be identifying a Rotary Hero (a member of the Satellite who has provided outstanding service) as well as 5 Peace Chain Links to members of the community who have also provided outstanding service.
Members were then asked to “fast-forward” to 2023 and suggest where the Satellite might be; what should the club stand for, how many members could be in the club, and 3 attributes of club members.  Members will be asked to rank the results.
Satellite members have adopted a new service project.  In discussions with Brentwood Recovery Home, it was determined that residents were not always prepared to live on their own, especially in the area of food preparation.  Originally, we had looked into offering a series of cooking sessions involving simple recipes, meal planning and other useful information.  With the onset of Covid-19, that idea had to be put on hold so an alternative was suggested.  The club agreed to sponsor the preparation of a handbook consisting of marketing/shopping ideas, basic cooking skills, easy references for measuring, substitutions, and kitchen staples as well as simple recipes.  Members are asked to submit recipes for inclusion in an easy reference binder which will be made available to new alumni of Brentwood.