Tonight was the official visit of DG Dr. Noel Jackson who shared his Peace Chain initiative and presented a HERO (Human Engaging Rotary Opportunity) Award to Clinton Beckford.
Noel reviewed the process of becoming District Governor and how quickly the time passed before he was in the Chair.  He praised Rotarians on continuing the work we do even during the challenges of Covid-19.  Noel than presented a Master Link in the Peace Chain Award to the Satellite Club of Windsor (1918).
The Rotary Minute was presented by Pierre Boulos highlighting Rotary’s impact on literacy and education.  There are currently 7 Peace Centres around the world.  In the past 15 years, over 1,300 individuals have attended classes offered by the Peace Centres and are now working in more than 115 countries.  Pierre shared a video on the newest centre in Kenya.
Using a quote from Maya Angelou, “Prepare yourself to be the rainbow in somebody else’s cloud,” Noel encouraged members to become involved in the service opportunities in offered in the Rainbow Connection.
Dr. Clinton Beckford has been involved in humanitarian projects in Tanzania, and elsewhere, before joining Rotary.  In fact, his "Teachers For Tanzania" program that brought teacher candidates from the Faculty of Education to Tanzania was very popular with students and was very well known in the community.  Since joining the Rotary Club of Windsor (1918) in 2012 he has been an active member of the World Community Service Committee through which he continued his humanitarian work in Tanzania helping children in vulnerable circumstances with the provision of food, and the promotion of literacy, health and education.  Last year, he led the Vocational Training Team in Math education to Tanzania, and he is now actively raising money to renovate one of the schools with which he worked during the VTT.  He is an engaged Rotarian that quietly goes about his international service projects.  And, on top of those activities, he has been active with our Literacy Committee particularly with literacy projects in Jamaica.  This year, embracing our Satellite Club's passion for Social Justice; Clinton serves as our program chair and he has an excellent vision for the kind of speakers to invite to our club in the coming year.  For his humanitarian service, and for taking full advantage of his super power of engaging humans in Rotary opportunities, we are proud to recognize Clinton as a D6400 HERO.