Since January is Vocational Service Month, the Rotary Minute was a video encouraging the importance of the 4-Way Test and how it relates to one’s vocation.
In the following weeks, members will be invited to take part in Vocation at Your Service and to share the following: 1). What vocation do you identify with? 2). How does this vocation allow you to engage as a Rotarian? and 3). What are some ways that the 4-Way Test contributes to you and your profession?
Katie Hargreaves from the University of Windsor spoke on “Using Inclusive Language in Our Communications”.  Katie, an Academic Writing Advisor, reminded that inclusive language does not exclude, perpetuate discrimination and strives for equality.  Language is powerful and is constantly changing which requires us to always strive to be aware of the diversity of the audience, to be current and to be relevant.  She then went on to identify negative terminology and replace with positive references in the following areas: Language and Disability, Indigenous People, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, Race and Ethnicity.  Katie’s final advice was to be open and always prioritize respect and inclusivity.  Further information can be found at writingsupport