David Wiskel, President and CEO of Plasman presented an overview of the company which began as Build-A-Mold in Windsor.
In 2016 the company expanded to Europe and in 2021 was rebranded as Plasman.  The company employs 4,000 and is a leading global manufacturer in the automotive sector.  But it was the community impact that impressed Satellite members since many of the projects undertaken by the company are also projects of Rotary – especially Windsor (1918). The Safety Village, Maryvale and the John McGivney Children’s Centre as well as Begley School, the Children’s Aid Society, Hiatus House and the Giving Tree have all benefitted from Plasman’s involvement.  Currently Plasman’s employees are working to deal with Covid-19.  David closed with the quote, “Variety is the spice of life” and added that, “Variety is life and without it, you don’t survive.”
Tonight’s “Vocation at Your Service” featured Colleen Mitchell, who is currently working with those adults who are developmentally disabled.  A social worker with 35 year’s experience, she encourages her clients to focus on the possibilities rather than the disabilities.  Colleen reminded us that everyone is a part of the community and can contribute to it.