Guest speaker Donna Schmidt outlined a global grant to provide microcredit to families of children with type 1 diabetes. 

Members of the Satellite (1918) and LaSalle Centennial enjoyed a presentation by Donna Schmidt on a micro-financing project in Ethiopia.  Using a Rotary Global Grant, Donna and her team were able to find partners in Ethiopia, to set goals and create areas of focus.  This 5-year project will create a micro-finance revolving fund which will be used to provide food, basic education and treatment for type 1 diabetes in children.  By 2024, those involved in the project are expected to become self-sufficient and to establish a credit rating. At the beginning of the project, Donna remarked that she was not sure just where the funds would come from.  But shared the quote, “If you are doing a project for all the right reasons, the money will come”.