Tuesday's speaker was Mark Lennox from Brentwood Recovery Home. 
Brentwood focuses all programs on compassion and care and includes family members in the treatment since the casualties of addiction affect the entire family.  The success rate was doubled when the family was involved.  Mark outlined the various programs at Brentwood beginning with the Junior Youth Program with clients as young as 7 years old to the long-term recovery program which has been challenging due to Covid-19.  This program is currently at 60% capacity.  Brentwood has been using ZOOM to connect with clients and receives approximately 600-700 calls monthly.  There is no “message machine” - every call is answered by a staff member.
Mark shared the following yearly statistics: the 90-day recovery program sees about 580 individuals; approximately 60 families take part in the Junior Youth Program and 120 families are provided with support from Brentwood.  After-care visits amount to over 800 per week.
Mark then thanked members for the “Recipe for Success” Handbook/Cookbook provided for alumni of Brentwood.  The cookbook has been very well received and is very much appreciated.  100 books were provided to Brentwood and an article in the District Newsletter brought an inquiry from the Brain Injury Association and an invitation to speak to the Dearborn Rotary Club on the project.  An additional 40 books were prepared, with 20 going to the Brain Injury Association and 20 to the Windsor Residence for Young Men.  Jason Weinberg, Program Director at the Residence wrote:
On behalf of all of us here at the Residence for Young Men, I would like to thank the Rotary Club of Windsor (1918) Satellite Club Evening for providing us with 20 cookbooks which can be provided to our youth as they move out of homelessness and begin to provide for themselves. As many of our clients will not possess devices and/or do not have access to the internet, these cookbooks will ensure that even our most vulnerable youth are able to determine the ingredients and steps needed to cook a healthy meal.”