Fun night at our 2nd Annual Tell Your Story event, put on by our Club's Literacy Committee in partnership with Douglas Marketing Group and Families First. Contest winners were honoured and their stories were read on February 18th at Signature Tributes Event Centre. 
Thank you to everyone who supported this event, and especially to the incredible young writers who shared their stories. The audience got to hear the amazing, emotional (some heartwarming, some heart-wrenching) stories of the 3 finalists from each category come to life through dramatic readings by our members Kay Douglas, Peter Hrastovec, Greg DeHetre, Kevin Blondin and Rebecca Rivard. A surprise announcement: With the permission of the students and their parents, these stories will live on through the publication of a book, making each contributor a “published author”! 📘
A detailed write-up by Robert Tuomi of Eyes on Windsor can be found at
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