Walter Willms has a message he wants to share about his 30 years of leading our Club's Bingo fundraiser. Thank you, Walter, for your unwaivering dedication!

For 30 years I have had the good fortune (stamina & perseverance) to exercise “Service above Self” in the leadership of our Club's monthly Bingos.  For nearly half of this time, I have enjoyed being our Bingo Chair.

How times and duties have changed!  Until about eight years ago, volunteers could occasionally come in and with a minute of orientation do the duties required of us.  About eight years ago, our duties changed dramatically and became much more complex.  I soon recognized the need to have a BINGO DREAM TEAM, comprised of volunteers who would each work three or four times a year.  This sharply reduced training and re-training of supporters who could handle swiftly the complexity to sell 10 different books and cards (Canadian and US) and/or to take responsibility for supplementary tasks.

I indeed am grateful to the following who have made my tasks easy and enjoyable:

Nick Bibic, Sue Byron, Anil Chitte, Mark Donlon, Gord Faas, Bob Fields, Jeewen Gill, Leona MacIntyre, Connie Martin, Margurite Reid, Mike Serafimovski, David Sundin, Randy Winters and former members Calvin Little, Lynn Rehman and Ken Wheeldon, as well as my son Michael. 

Without them I would not have survived!

I sincerely extend best wishes and success to Tom Goebel as he carries on with volunteers in the cBingo format.  The Bingo revenue certainly helps with funding our charitable causes.

Respectfully submitted,         

Walter Willms

March 16, 2020