We were joined tonight by Captain Mary Ann Barber who shared her experiences as a military nurse. 
Captain Barber served in Bosnia and Afghanistan and recognized that she was experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome in 2018.  Symptoms can include nightmares, flashbacks, anger, short-temper and anxiety and are not always the same with each individual. A short discussion followed re the need for better mental health care in the military.  Working as a Nurse Practitioner in the North, she then went on to describe the challenges facing these indigenous communities.  Captain Barber was honoured with a Paul Harris Fellowship.
Suzanne Grouette  presented “Vocation at Your Service” with details of her  position as a Business Architect.  Suzanne works to ensure that business strategies are being implemented in the companies with which she works.  She pointed out that Rotary’s 4-Way test is an important tool when working with these implementations.