Monday, Kathleen & Allison joined us to discuss the work that the Multicultural Council of Windsor is doing to create a more inclusive and accessible Windsor-Essex county for newcomers to the area!

The organization was founded in 1973 to support newcomers’ needs, particularly in reception, integration and adult education. This non-profit charitable organization has welcomed and offered settlement assistance to hundreds of families.

More than just helping these families adjust to our cultural norms; the MCC helps to form groups that preserve and celebrate the heritage and practices of the many cultures that now call Windsor-Essex home.

The MCC helps adults with their employability skills, including what skills are needed, how to conduct an interview properly, learning English, and creating a good resume. While this resource receives little funding, they have seen the benefits of providing these services and helping the majority becoming successfully employed. 

The group also supports leadership development amongst youth and adults. Partnerships allow newcomers to develop new skills, confidence and build relationships as well as English language training that is important for successful integration. The MCC ecosystem also offers on-site child care for English class students (online training) and a Health Practitioner, women’s groups, men’s groups, and their most popular group, youth group.

Donations and fundraisers fund the MCC. Like most groups, COVID has cancelled their fundraising events for the year, including the longest standing events in Windsor-Essex The Carousel of Nations. But with a little innovation, they have been able to move the event online!

This year the award-winning festival (now called) “Carousel @ Home”, will feature more than 20 villages and allow you to enjoy the festival from the comfort of your living room. It will include dance performances, recipe videos, interviews and opportunities to sample dishes. Tune in Friday, June 26 from 4-8 and Saturday, June 27 from 12 – 8 on Facebook Live and Twitch.

Some villages are offering curbside pick up and delivery. The festival is also partnering with ethnic restaurants to show what we have to offer throughout the city.

Learn more about the newly revamped Carousel @ Home here