In the summer of 2009, Julie Caron participated in a volunteer abroad program in the rural village of Boma Ng’ombe Tanzania, East Africa.  She was placed in a small foster-home run by one of the most inspirational women she had ever met - Mary Massawe - a single mother of two girls and care-giver to 8 other orphaned or neglected girls she had taken into her home to feed, educate and love. 
Inspired by Mary’s passion and commitment to improving the lives of children living in precarious circumstances, Julie returned to Canada motivated to help Mary in her efforts. Less than two months after returning home, Julie received some very sad and shocking news from Tanzania. Mary had passed away from spinal meningitis as a complication of AIDS. Determined to keep Mary’s spirit alive Julie communicated with Timothy and Joyce, Mary’s siblings and together they took up Mary’s cause.  Fundraising efforts were formalized through the creation of partner organizations, CWEF Tanzania in Canada and the Saidia Agriculture and Social Care Organization (SASCO) in Tanzania. From the original 8 girls, our education sponsorship program has grown to over 60 students.