The benefits of education sponsorship are clearly visible.  Our sponsored children are demonstrating improved academic performance, self-confidence, discipline and motivation. They are assuming positions of leadership in their schools and it is hoped they will eventually become agents of positive change in their communities. Education sponsorship has allowed some to escape the extreme hardships of poverty, underage employment and forced marriage.  

Our Philosophies

  • We're committed to finding long-term education sponsors for vulnerable children as identified by SASCO and local government agencies.
  • Sponsorship to be provided until child has reached a self-designated end point in their educational careers.
  • Children to remain in their home environment, usually living with extended family or community members, but when warranted boarding school placements arranged.
  • Children funded to attend high quality, English medium schools with proven track record of success.
  • Sponsorships are determined independent of religious affiliation.
  • Provide the means for children to reach their full potential and achieve their dreams with the hope that our impact in their lives will inspire them to give back to their communities and initiate larger-scale, positive societal changes.
  • Important to foster a connection between sponsor and sponsored child because it keeps sponsors engaged, committed and invested and provides the child with a positive role model  and motivation to do well.

Our Students

In the 2021 academic year we have 43 students in school at the following levels: 25 in Primary School, 11 in Secondary School, 5 High School Students, and 2 students pursuing College/University programs. To date, eleven students have graduated upper level programs in the following fields -  Medical School, Pharmaceutical Studies, Public Administration, VETA Electrical, VETA Auto Mechanics, Nursing School, Teacher’s College, Law, BA Education and BA Economics. 
Meet some of our graduates:
Oscar, our first University graduate received his BA in Education on November 17, 2018 and is employed as a teacher at Alpha Omega Secondary School. 
Helping fellow Tanzanians is a priority for Lecton, our student in medical school who has established his own NGO to provide medical assessments and education to disadvantaged, rural areas.
Rebecca graduated from nursing. She has been working for two years and is currently being sponsored to upgrade her qualifications. Neema graduated from nursing school in 2015. Neema is gainfully employed as a nurse at KCMC Hospital in Moshi.

Our Sponsors

Our education sponsors are individuals, Service Clubs, workplaces, Churches; both in Canada and the USA.  All have made a commitment to sponsor their student for at least 3 years and for the most part, the education sponsor pays the entire cost of sending that child to school.  Sometimes they even include extra money for school supplies, school uniform, soap etc. feminine hygiene products, shoes. If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please fill out the form on the left of this page or call the Rotary Club of Windsor (1918) office at 519-253-6382. Co-sponsorships are also possible to defray the costs.


Selection Process

Candidates for sponsorship are determined on the basis of an application submitted to SASCO or a recommendation from local government agencies (e.g. the gender desk, village elders, Board members).  A home visit and interview of the applicant and their care-givers is conducted by a SASCO Board member. Based on that assessment of need, an SASCO-approved application for sponsorship is submitted. An attempt to find a sponsor for the child is then made.  When a sponsor is found, an appropriate school is selected/finalized and costs are established.


Every attempt is made to enroll sponsored students in high-performing English medium schools in order to provide the best opportunity for success on national exams. These exams are used to determine whether a student is able to proceed to the next level of schooling and to which school they may gain admittance.  The individual needs of the sponsored student are taken into account when SASCO determines which school they will attend – day or boarding student, academic performance of the student, reputation of school, special health needs of the student (HIV related) and the region where they live.

School Fees

There is little or no consistency among the schools in Tanzania in terms of fee structure, terms per year, and transportation to school costs. Also, the fees per year vary by level depending on whether it is a national exam year, an education field trip year, or if computer and science labs exist at the school.  Upper levels of school, e.g. Vocational, High Schools and Universities have different start dates than primary and secondary schools. Schools announce their fee structure for the upcoming school year at the end of November and they provide it with the student’s final report card. 
While a definitive cost of sponsorship cannot be provided, approximate costs are:
  • $600 for Primary School students, $1000 if the child needs to be boarded
  • $1300 for Secondary School students (all students are required to be boarded)
  • $1500 for High School Students
  • $800 for Vocational School