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Friday July 14th, 2017


I was honoured and humbled to address our Club on July 10. It was a great opportunity to share how my plans for this year align with both Rotary International President Ian Riseley’s theme of ‘Making a Difference’ and District Governor Rick Caron’s theme of ‘Boldly Go’. My theme for our Club is ‘Together We Build Better Communities’. I shared an African proverb which states, “If you want to go fast, go alone; If you want to go far, go together”.
My inspiration comes from RI President Riseley’s challenge to examine our Club’s trends regarding membership and to continue to ASK people to join our Club. The August Rotarian has an excellent story from Kevin Cook who recently became a Rotary member. Kevin was interviewing Past RI President John Germ for a story when Germ asked him if he was a Rotarian. When Kevin said ‘no’, Germ asked him ‘why/’ and Kevin responded “he had never been asked’. 
This year I would like to create easy opportunities for Club members to be able to ask a potential member to our meetings and hopefully to join Rotary. August 21 will be my first Bring a Guest day. We will be hearing from our New Generations Committee and specifically young people who have benefitted from our Club. It is inspiring to hear how we can make a difference in the lives of young people – it is one of my favorite things about Rotary. 
Together We Build Better Communities,
Yours in Rotary
President Colleen