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A couple months have flown by; I was struggling to find something to blog about. It is a little early to experience writer’s block! Then synchronicity struck and I immediately knew I had something to share. Last week I was out with my friends; our conversation drifted to an interesting topic – the reasons we love our community and the many gems that exist.
The next day I participated in an interview for an organization’s strategic planning and I was asked, “What kind of community do I want to see 10 years from now”. My answers were about being a welcoming and accepting community – one that doesn’t exclude people because they are different. I want to be part of a community that values all people and provides supports when they need them. I also want to be in a community that is proud and values its gifts and contributions.  In Rotary I see and feel that community.
These ideas made me think about the 10 Rotary Clubs in Windsor-Essex County. Just think about the collective impact we are having across our community. Wouldn’t it be great if we could let the community know each year just how much impact we have had together. Give it some thought and let’s see  where this idea takes us.
Rotary making a difference
President Colleen