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Blog Post #6

Inspired! At the District Assembly we were introduced to the new public image campaign, “People of Action”. This weekend I had lots of opportunity to see Rotarians involved in their community in various ways. Action means not only our Club projects; it also means how we contribute to the community. On Saturday night I attended the first performance of the season for the Windsor Symphony Orchestra. If you haven’t had the chance to hear the WSO you need to add that to your ‘to do’ list. They are amazing and such a community asset.

Joining the orchestra was the Windsor Symphony Chorus, Windsor Classic Chorale and the UWindsor Choirs. I learned we had Rotarians involved that I didn’t even know about – congratulations to Janice Forsyth and Marcela Diaz for the beautiful gift of voice and their willingness to share it with the community. The WSO performance also included poetry readings from a book called, “ Because We Have All Lived Here”. Lo and behold another of our Club Rotarians, Peter Hrastovec, had his poetry featured. This is the beauty of Rotary – you have the chance to learn about each other.


Finally I joined the Young Rotary Leaders at their 2nd annual Wine Not Yoga event at Viewpointe Winery. It was a wonderful way to spend Sunday morning with Rotarians and potential Rotarians. Fellowship is an important aspect of Rotary – it is a way to introduce Rotary and a way to keep Rotarians. Fellowship = Fun. I left that event to join Rotarians at a fashion show featuring Rotary St. Clair President Anna Jurak. The show was in support of the good works of the Maycourt Club of Windsor. That’s what Rotarians do; they support the community.  What a weekend!


Yours in service,

President Colleen