Kristin Ives, Curator/Educator Coordinator, ERCA spoke about how Chimney Swifts have made their home at the 1842 historical house of John and Amelia Park. Plus - Rotary fellowship!
Richard Wyma introduced Kristin Ives, Curator/Educator Coordinator, ERCA. Kris began by wishing everyone a Happy Earth Week – the 50th Earth day is coming up this Wednesday, April 22nd and this meeting was a perfect chance to learn about our region, and in particular about a bird called the Chimney Swift! She explained that the bird got its name because of its preference to nest in deep, dark structures. Historically, it chose large hollow trees to make its home, however with deforestation and development, human structures – often chimneys – became its place of choice. Ives told the story of how tours of the 1842 Home of John and Amelia Park, located in the John R. Park Homestead Conservation Area on Lake Erie, have had to adapt so as not to disturb the birds that have taken up residence in the house’s chimney. They’ve had to move their cooking demos for 6 months of the year outdoors and adjust other programs that have typically used the fireplace. But the ERCA homestead team has used these bird’s nesting habits as an opportunity to tell their story. Chimney Swifts are currently threatened and if nothing is done, they risk becoming extinct. Kris spoke about what we can do to help:
  • Keep our chimneys open.
  • Become a citizen scientist  - report sightings at
  • Advocate to keep old chimneys from being destroyed.
  • Construct a Chimney Swift Tower.
Greg led Happy Bucks again this week. We heard from Anil (who the Club welcomed back after his trip back home to India). He’ll be celebrating his 53 years of being in Canada. Peter is donating the money he’s saving by not getting his hair cut while in isolation and Lex will be getting together with his Queen’s classmates via Zoom. Khassan spoke about how his organization is helping by giving out face masks and delivering groceries to those in need (see his article in the Windsor Star). President Gord and Shari encourage people to purchase wine from Coopers Hawk Winery this Wednesday and Thursday during their “give back program” – every bottle purchased will benefit local hospitals.
We left off with a memo from Jim: Our Club is thinking about the tragedy that happened in Nova Scotia, and our thoughts go to all those families who are suffering.