Monday, we welcomed District Governor Dr. Noel Jackson for the District Gov. Annual visit; during the meeting, three new members joined Rotary 1918, and we recognized members of the club with service awards.

Monday, July 27th, Rotary Club 1918 welcomed District Governor Noel Jackson for his annual visit. 

Anne Chetty, Assistant District Governor, kicked off the meeting by introducing the life and legacy of the newly appointed District Governor Dr. Noel Jackson (Captain Rotary).

Dr. Jackson began by praising the club, saying he "is in awe of the things that Rotary 1918 has accomplished". He continued by saying that, given our projects and contributions to Rotary, its no wonder that our membership has grown the way that has.

As he conducts his virtual visits, his favourite thing is to see each club's character and the cast of characters that are working together to accomplish great things for Rotary. He compared us to a symphony where each instrument works independently but towards a common goal to create a beautiful piece.

Around the globe, beautiful things have been happening. Although we're doing things differently, Rotary is still moving and doing the work.

DG Noel Jackson explained that it was quite the coincidence that this year's theme is "Rotary Opens Opportunities" and the chosen theme for District 6400 is "Be a HERO"! HERO stands for Humans engaging in Rotary Opportunities. He hopes to see Rotarians take advantage of as many opportunities as they can this year!

You can expect to see a lot of unique opportunities to get involved through the Rainbow Connection!

Three new members were sworn in by DG Noel. We're pleased to welcome Francesco Bondi, Suzanne Grouette and Salenska Sobalvarro! We're excited to have you as members of the Windsor Rotary 1918.

A few members were also recognized for their contributions!

Congratulations to Lissa Percy, who earned a Paul Harris Fellowship Award.

A Hero Award was presented to Greg Dehetre. He is the epitome of a Rotarian who consistently engages in Rotary opportunities. In addition to being President-Nominee, he is Co-Chair of our Youth Exchange Committee and a member of District 6400's Youth Exchange Committee. Greg and President-Elect Cindy Duggal have agreed to be The Peace Chain Coordinators for our club. He is planning a Book Fair in October at The Devonshire Mall, having last year partnered our club with Literary Arts Windsor in Bookfest Windsor. He is planning a Comedy Night Fundraiser in the fall.

President Gerry Pocock received a Master Link Award as part of the Peace Chain Initiative on behalf of Rotary 1918.

Finally, President Gerry presented District Governor Noel with a $200 donation for Captain Rotary's Skydive for Polio on August 15th. Our Polio donation will be matched by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, turning our $200 into $600.00.

Thank you to 53 members who joined in on the zoom Monday!