In 2018, an opportunity arose to support a project initiated by the Rotary Club of Zagreb-Maksimir in Croatia, who were raising funds to provide a desperately needed pediatric endoscopic column to assist children in need at the University Hospital Centre Zagreb. This device and its components are needed for various gastric examinations. The hospital had been using equipment that was designed for adults, making the experience for children very difficult. 
Photo: Peter Hrastovec met with 2018 President of the Zagreb club, Ivan Vrdoljak and LaSalle President Maria Price on trip  to Croatia (2018).
The Zagreb club was looking for support from international clubs to assist them with the cost: a whopping 120,000 Euros!  The Zagreb club raised 30,000 Euros on their own. Contributions from abroad would unlock nearly 50,000 Euros in grants from their District and the Rotary Foundation.  Zagreb Rotary was looking for only $500 from various clubs or as much as the club could raise.
This project was brought to our attention by then President of Lasalle Centennial, Maria Price. Though saddled with the financial burdens and commitments of our own Centennial Celebrations that year, we looked to the community (and to some of our own members) for support. We cobbled together $1050 in donations to our Foundation. In turn, the funds were wired to Zagreb.
As a result, our contribution and the contribution of many clubs around the world led to the purchase of his valuable medical equipment. Once again, Rotarians, working together, helped children and made a difference. 
Zagreb says, “Hvala”….Thank you!
Peter Hrastovec
Club Address on March 9, 2020