Monday, we welcomed guest speaker, Karen Morneau from Maryvale to share about how they have pivoted since Covid and what the future of care looks like for their clients.
We learned through Karen's thoughtful presentation that Covid has had a severe impact on the families who use the Maryvale services and on many young people in the community. To address the changing need for service that's implemented new programming and resources like the implementation of an interpreter and other efforts have been made to maximize resources in Windsor-Essex. What has helped them adapt is constantly looking through the lens of the children/ youth and families that they serve. 
Karen also shared with us that Maryvale is the size of an entire city block and it was designed with comfort and safety in mind. What makes Maryvale unique is that child psychiatry hasn't always been available in Windsor-Essex. They're proud to now offer various child psychologists and the resources to support them. 
Now, after discharge, their patients receive immediate access to a therapist. Their hope is that these measures reduce the risk of a child re-experiencing a mental health crisis and gives them greater access to care when they need to support them in their recovery.