Monday, we welcomed Tom O'Brien, owner of Coopers Hawk Vineyard, for a virtual tour of the winery!

We learned that they offer 28 varieties, dry to sweet and various price points to ensure that everyone can find something they love.

Looking forward to spring, the best thing about coming to a winery is sitting outside, and the outdoor patio at Coopers Hawk has really helped them during COVID. It's important to them that people feel at ease while visiting their outdoor green space.

Like many businesses, last year was very challenging. They were forced to cancel many events because of COVID.

Tom also gave us a tour of the production area. He shared some fun facts about wine barrels – you can only use them 3 times, and a barrel can hold anywhere from 225 to 500 bottles of wine, depending on their size. We also learned about the wine-making process.

Tom is grateful for his team at Cooper's Hawk. He says it's essential to have the right people to support a great product, and they're lucky to have the team that they do!