Tonight’s meeting featured Stephanie Segave and Danielle Findlay speaking on the Ontario Student Nutrition Program which provides healthy meals to some of the most vulnerable members of the community. 
The focus of the program is to promote healthy eating through nutritious breakfasts and snacks.  There are 4 major themes relating to nutritional issues, – Rural vs. Urban, the indigenous population, food security and marginalized populations.  Under normal circumstances, 100,000 students are involved in the program.  Covid has presented serious challenges.  For the most vulnerable, the meal and snacks they get through the program may be the only food they receive each day so it was very important to continue this support regardless of Covid issues.  Measures that were implemented included the delivery of food boxes and frozen nutritious meals as well as gift cards to local grocery stores.  Grow kits were also made available to encourage the growing and eating of nutritious vegetables.  A suggestion was made that members of the Satellite could set up a volunteer program.
Also on the agenda was the induction of a new member, Anna Galka, an experiential educator at the University of Windsor.