It was our pleasure to have Dr. Ashok Rajan as our speaker this week. His topic was Stress and Resilience, things that are top of mind in these days of covid.
The term "stress" was first used by Dr. Hans Selye from McGill University. The term was used to describe the failure to respond appropriately to biological, psychological, or social threats. Not all stresses are bad, but even positive stressors can be stressful.
In order to improve our ability to cope with stress, we need to take note of:
     WHAT is causing the stress
     WHY now and what is its importance
     HOW to deal with it, brainstorm options
A good action plan for dealing with stress is:
     S - Stay in shape
     T - Think differently - increase competence or decrease expectations
     R - Relax
     E - Ease pressure
     S - Share with social connections
     S - Style of life - see how culture, time pressures and spirituality play a role.
Resilience is the key to positive mental health. Focus on the 4 C's:
     Caring for oneself
     Connecting socially 
     Commitment - stay focused on the task at hand
     Calmness - stay calm through the storm - relaxation, meditation, yoga