Tuesday July 21 was Chair Pierre's inaugural meeting. He gave us an overview of the theme of RI President Shekhar Mehta - Serve to Change Lives, and that of DG Aruna Koushik - Illuminating Hope.
Chair Pierre has asked us to provide input on what we can do that is special for the months in which there are 5 Tuesdays. Please provide any input you have for activities Aug 31, Nov 30, Mar 29, and May 31. Program Chair Alioune Ngom requested that Satellite members email names and contact info of potential speakers they would like to have as a presenter in one of our meetings.
Tuesday, July 27th - 7:00 PM
For the last meeting of July, I ask that we join Rotarians throughout our district for a very important story.  Some of you may remember Morgan Williams from PDG Rick Caron's District Conference at Mackinac Island.    I've heard she is, quite frankly, amazing!     She followed her heart and embarked on a journey to help those who needed it most in Haiti. 
Given our focus on Social Justice we should not miss the following Premier of " Not About Me" which frames Morgan Wienberg’s 10 years of humanitarian work protecting children and empowering their families with resources to build self-sustaining futures.

You can watch a trailer of this documentary and below you may register to be a part of this free premier.
WATCH THE TRAILER: https://vimeo.com/549406431