We were joined tonight by Hassan Adan, from the Probation Office of the Ministry of the Solicitor General who shared notes on the probation and parole system in Ontario. 
Hassan explained the differences between the federal and provincial systems and provided definitions of the various options open to the courts when determining penalties.  The main purpose of probation is to rehabilitate the individual and to serve as a bridge between the community and justice enforcement.  He went on to identify the challenges of the system during Covid -19, especially in the area of mental health.  A new pilot project, the Peer Mentorship Program, has been developed to deal with addiction and mental health issues and he praised the city for its rehabilitation efforts.
Tonight’s “Professions at Your Service” (PAYS) featured Fazle Baki, Associate Dean of Programs and Professor of Management Science in the Odette School of Business.  Fazle provided insight into the process of grade appeal and how the 4-Way Test can be applied.  He emphasized that as dean he has the responsibility of building goodwill and better friendships between the university and the students.